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The Control Systems Group, CSG, established an email discussion group, CSGnet, in August 1990.
Hosted by Gary Cziko at U of Illinois at Urbana.

CSGnet has been very active, with numerous people from a variety of backgrounds participating and Bill Powers always very patiently teaching. Here are complete email archives, selected threads, and software.

This page updated November 9, 2016. Archives up to date as of August 31, 2017

For the CSGnet email archive, start by reading CSGnetReadMe.pdf.

For the CSGnet threads, also known as "The best of CSGnet", ThreadsFromCSGnet holds an introduction and list of the files, with links.

Archive files are available for download HERE, specifically:

CSGnet_archive holds an entire set of files, ready to run on a Windows computer.
CSGnet_attachments -- attachments received with emails. Be sure to read CSGnetReadMe.pdf.
PCT_ParadigmPaper -- an off-CSGntet group effort to develop what became the paradigm paper.
These three folders hold archives twice, once as .zip and once as .7z. Your choice.

To download Eudora program files go HERE.




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